eCommerce With Integrated Blog (e-Blogging)

I Am Still Not Convinced With Using WordPress eCommerce Plugins

I wrote a post comparing Using A Blog Vs. Using An eCommerce Website, which discusses the differences between a blog and an eCommerce system. Then over the last few weeks I’ve been writing reviews looking at the different eCommerce plugins available for WordPress. If you want to see the various reviews, read the articles section under eBlog Reviews. What I am exploring today are the different options available to integrate a blog into an existing eCommerce system. If you have read all of my reviews about the different eCommerce plugins for WordPress, you will see that I am still not completely convinced. WordPress for blogging is a fantastic system and is more than capable of handling large volumes of data. Though, once you add on an eCommerce plugin it does not have the same functionality in comparison to an eCommerce system, which are more robust to handle large consumer transactions. Now, the big challenge is, most eCommerce systems do not have a blog interface built-in, which raises the question of how to integrate an eCommerce system with a blog?

Why Have An eCommerce System Integrated With A WordPress Blog?

Over the years, web users have found blogs to be more compelling to look at than just shopping sites. Most blogs have written reviews and information relating to a product or service, allowing any web user to do their research before making a purchase. Imagine that you were looking to buy the latest iPhone and you wanted to look at some reviews and read other people’s opinions before spending your money. If you typed “iPhone review” in Google, the first site that appears is usually a review site such as Cnet or Smart Company, which all run a blogging application such as WordPress. These review sites usually only provide a review and opinions, but don’t have a link saying where to buy. This is where having an eCommerce system integrated with a WordPress blog can benefit your Internet business. Instead of the customer going to other websites to read reviews and opinions about the product (by that time they may have forgotten your website), you can have your own reviews and comments linked to your products. This encourages the customer to stay on your website and helps them save time looking for other places for reviews and opinions.

Additionally, the benefit of having a WordPress blog integrated with your eCommerce system, is that it helps to increase your search engine rankings. With higher search engines rankings, your Internet business will be found much quicker and also help with becoming an authoritative site.

How To Integrate An eCommerce System With A WordPress Blog?

Luckily for us, most eCommerce systems have a special add-on package which has been developed by experienced programmers. At this point, I would recommend you hire a web developer to install or modify an eCommerce system because it will can save time for you to focus on other important business tasks. Though I will explain to you how it generally works with some systems I have test:

Magento: This is a relatively new eCommerce system that is taking the eCommerce Open Source market by storm. It’s very user friendly and is very powerful, just like how WordPress has been very successful for many Internet businesses. Magento has an add-on extension called Lazzymonks WordPress Integration 2.61, which allows WordPress to be integrated with their system. You can easily access WordPress from Magento’s administration as well and would save you the hassle of logging out of Magento and logging into WordPress.

OsCommerce: This system has been around since March 2000, which shows a long history of eCommerce development for them. OsCommerce also has an add-on which is quite easy to install – the WordPress Integration. Unfortunately this add-on does require you to log onto WordPress separately. Once you have installed WordPress with OsCommerce you will be able to still post your articles as normal and all the posts will be integrated into the OsCommerce theme you choose.

ZenCart: This is the system I have been using for many years for many of my clients and own eCommerce shops. It is easy to set up the WordPress On Zencart add-on with a few installation files to upload. Though, I found it wasn’t matching the style of the shopfront at first with this basic add-on. I did hired a programmer to modify some files which generated a good result in the end.

With many Internet businesses seeing the growth of web users searching on blogs and search engines today, it would be unfortunate to see you lose sales because you did not have a blog integrated with your eCommerce shop. There are great benefits with having both these systems integrated into your Internet business and someday eCommerce with integrated blogs will be the new community called e-Blogging.

Welcome to the Exciting World of Ecommerce

The simple word ecommerce means many different things to many different people. To some of us, ecommerce means the ability to buy that great new book at 4 in the morning from our favorite online bookstore. To others, ecommerce means cleaning out the closet and making some money by putting those unwanted treasures up for sale at our favorite online auction house. To others, ecommerce means the ability to have different businesses connect seamlessly and cost efficiently, and the business to business world of ecommerce is one of the fastest growing segments of the market.

Ecommerce allows suppliers to easily connect with buyers of finished products, and business people to easily compare prices and quality among different suppliers. The Internet also provides a wealth of information, and this information is an integral part of the ecommerce solution.

When the Internet first emerged on the scene, it was used by government agencies as a secure way to communicate with one another. Even when the Internet became the province of ordinary users, it was mostly a playground for college students and computer geeks. It took quite some time for the commercial potential of the Internet to be exploited, and the first ecommerce companies were quite primitive by today’s standards. Some of those first ecommerce companies are still around and stronger than ever, while others failed to make a profit. Anyone interested in opening an ecommerce business of their own would do well to study the history of ecommerce and the Internet for important lessons.

Despite the bursting of the Internet bubble, ecommerce continues to have nearly unlimited potential for smart entrepreneurs. In fact, the world of ecommerce offers so many advantages over traditional brick and mortar businesses that it simply cannot be ignored. While a brick and mortar business needs to rent space and hire employees, a start up ecommerce business can be run from a single computer as a one man or one woman operation. Many of the most successful ecommerce businesses got their start in just such a manner, and more and more ecommerce startups are born every day.

There have been a great many changes in the world of business over the last couple of decades, but perhaps no change has been more important than that of the Internet. The World Wide Web has become so important in our lives that many of our children could not conceive of a world without it. Business has been changed in many ways by the power of technology, affecting everything from the way we get hired to the way we do our jobs.

Fashion Ecommerce Design

Fashion is an art that requires an amazing sense of understanding to sell it. No one just buy any art piece for nothing. When it comes to branding and setting business goals in the fashion industry, a lot of new ideas and techniques are invested for better business. Fashion companies all over the world have spent large amounts for their brands because they know just setting up a simple catalogue will not serve the required purpose. Here are the steps for ecommerce solutions to facilitate your business in the fashion industry.

Considering the booming market for fashion, effective fashion ecommerce has conjoined itself with outstanding design, good customer experience and excellent marketing, along with qualitative content. A good retail ecommerce website can take your business to good profits. Good designs, extensive information about your work and fantastic pictures are really needed to make your website entertaining for your visitors. Let us see following points, which you can incorporate for your fashion ecommerce design:

  1. Try to make your ecommerce website design creative and appealing, which is easy to load and use by the consumers.
  2. Make sure that your retail ecommerce website reflects the actual designs of your brand.
  3. Using the benefits of ecommerce solutions, create content which is informative, catchy and entertaining for your customers. It should help your buyers understand about the brand they are going to invest in, its background, history and its unique characteristics.
  4. Choose items that can be searched online easily.
  5. Generate an ecommerce system online that your customers can use to order the same items and products as they can buy from your stores. This will help you in building brand loyalty and long-term customer relationship building.
  6. Give extensive details of your products, for example dresses, purses, cosmetics, summer fashion line, discount items, etc.
  7. Provide high quality images and shots of your products.
  8. On your retail ecommerce website, it is extremely essential that you use all possible ecommerce solutions for the best outcome of your fashion website. Make sure that your shopping procedure is error free for your consumers, so that they do not find the whole process a hassle.
  9. Use rich components of media, for example Java or Flash to make your ecommerce fashion website suitable for all sorts of online users.
  10. Search and locate various ways and methods of recognizing your regular customers and keep them updated regarding your latest special offers and promotional deals.

Here are some pointers to keep you updated with the latest information you may require to set up your fashion ecommerce website. Along with your offline business, this online presence will serve you good in terms of good relationship building and getting maximum exposure for your fashion line.